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The Sixth Estate was established to develop e-commerce solutions which will allow customers to buy online anything they might want and only what they really need. We are aiming to use big data and machine learning to remove friction points from the online shopping process, provide better user experience and introduce automation to increase the efficiency of e-commerce operations and maximize the revenue.

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About Us

Over the years the sequence of the three estates of the realm was extended to include the fourth estate (media) and the fifth estate (social media). We believe that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming increasingly influential power and should be constituted as The Sixth Estate.

The Sixth Estate Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based company working on implementation of AI, and particularly machine learning, to the e-commerce with focus on purchase decision making process, improvements in supply chain and optimisation of existing logistical infrastructure.

The vast majority of the internet stores and online marketplaces operating in the year 2020 are simply replicating the remote sales model that has been in use since mail order catalogues were popularised in the 19th century. The printed catalogue was simply replaced with product listing on a website, and there were some improvements in payments and logistics, but consumers' purchase decisions are still being limited to products that merchants have listed for sale.

Our goal is to remove the major friction points from the online purchase process. We're going to achieve it by truly focusing on customer needs, and using big data and machine learning to simplify the purchase decision making process. Costumers will be finally able to buy exactly and only what they need. No distractions, no impulse buying of unnecessary items, no time wasted on finding products and comparing the prices. These are the principles that constitute The Sixth Estate.

The Team

Marcus Tan

Marcus Tan

As a highly seasoned and accomplished Business Management leader with 18 years of experience, Marcus has proven strategic leadership, procurement management and business development skills which has empowered various organisations in in his commercial leadership roles.

Equipped with vast knowledge and exposure to the Asia Pacific markets, he has been exposed to the dynamics of education, travel and professional services industries for almost two decades which has equipped him with expertise in B2B business management, channel partner development and organizational transformation from projects carried out for companies like American Express, Apple (CWT), Ernst & Young, and Hertz.

Krzysztof Kaczmarek

Krzysztof Kaczmarek

Krzysztof was an early employee of Allegro.pl which rose to become the largest e-commerce platform in CEE. Involved in key projects for leading market players in Europe and South East Asia (BuyVIP, MIH/Naspers, Elite Havens, Dusit International) acquired considerable breadth of knowledge of diverse markets and consumers.

With more than 16 years of professional experience in building and marketing great products, he gained expertise in e-commerce platforms, product development strategy and online marketing. His passion is understanding consumer motivations, and using this insight to design products and services to help deliver growth across diverse categories and markets.

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